Logo FAQ and Legal


With this purchase, you receive up to two rounds of proofs. Please be thorough when ordering, as incomplete or incorrect information will delay your order. Minor logo elements such as balls, lines, stars, etc. can be swapped out at no additional fee so include this information with your order.

Your first proof will be sent via email within 2-3 business days. After you have reviewed the proof, please respond within 2-3 business days with either final approval, or if you need changes, indicate what you want to be changed. It is your responsibility to respond back within a reasonable amount of time. If you sit on your logo or delay your reply, your logo will be delayed. Additional proofs beyond the two included are charged at $5.00 USD per proof. Once approved, your final digital logo package files will be emailed within 1-2 business days.


In specifying colors, please indicate your color(s) by providing a color reference number (eg: Pantone colors or CMYK value).

Star Stream Design is not responsible for print errors or color shifts that occur from your printing company of choice or your home printer.


Upon final approval, three high-resolution file format options will be emailed to you:  

  • CMYK pdf
  • RGB jpg
  • RGB png

Your order includes 3 versions of the same color image: Two RGB and one CMYK formatted files. There may be slight color variations between the RGB and CMYK versions. The CMYK image colors might look slightly off when viewed on your computer screen as these images are imaged for printing and not screen use. Please understand that the color of the final product may not exactly match what you see on screen due to variances in how monitors display colors, the wide variety of printing processes, and/or variances in how the color looks on different printing materials. However, rest assured that the actual colors used are identical or extremely close in value.

The formats stated above are included in the cost of your logo. Logos are sized to 12”x12”, they are large enough for most applications, however, a smaller size can be provided in lieu of the 12”x12”. If you need a much larger logo, there is a $10.00 USD fee for resizing (provide exact dimensions). If you need a black-and-white png (eg: screen printing of shirts or bags), please let me know and it will be provided free of charge. If your vendor needs a format not listed above (eg: tiff, svg), there is a $10.00 USD fee to provide that.


Can I see a sample of a logo with my text before I purchase it?

Please understand that it takes considerable time to personalize or make changes to a design, therefore personalized samples or mock-ups are not provided prior to purchase. However, rest assured that we will work to make your logo just as you wish.

Do you only do Mitzvah logos? My fiancé and I want a logo for our wedding.

Star Stream Design is not just Mitzvah logos. Whether it’s a logo for a wedding, Sweet 16, Quinceañera, or corporate event, I can make your vision for your special occasion become a reality. Just send a detailed message outlining what you’re looking for via our Contact page and we’ll work together to bring your event’s brand identity to life.

Can you add a Hebrew name or other text to a logo?

Absolutely! Just send us the Hebrew name or message as an image rather than text. English keyboards don’t always read typed Hebrew lettering properly, so with an image, I can make sure to match the lettering exactly. I have a variety of Hebrew font styles so I can match the look of the other text as well.
I can also work with text in any Roman alphabetic language. If you want your logo to incorporate Spanish, French, German, text, etc., just make sure to include all your text written out exactly how it should appear when you make your purchase.

I found an image/logo on Google that I like. Can you reproduce it?

All the images you search for in Google are the property of their owners/creators. Please know that Google is not a free-for-all. It is unethical to take someone else’s work and use it or copy it for your own use. Artists constantly find their work being copied, used in unlicensed ways, and cheated out of their hard work. If you are determined to use another artist’s image, please contact the owner of that image directly and ask if you can use it, as I will not replicate it. If you are flexible, however, I can design something similar that will not violate any licensing permissions or rights.


All products sold are only for personal use only, no commercial use is permitted. They cannot be manufactured, distributed, altered, edited, copied, sold, shared, or used commercially in any way without my written permission. Selling of my files for any purpose, in any way, through any other online or physical store is strictly prohibited.

Due to proprietary concerns, we will not take an existing brand and change it to add a name or other message. For instance, take the Nike “swoosh” or the Starbucks “mermaid” and add a name in the same font and/or look as the original. Any reputable vendor will not reproduce something that mimics a known logo as they can be faced with legal issues. Having said that, we are happy to come up with a custom logo for you that may be close to your vision but will not have any branding violations and be completely unique for you.

Star Stream Design is not responsible for print errors or color shifts that occur from your printing company of choice or your home printer. Star Stream Design reserves the right to refuse service, cancel orders, or cancel a business relationship or transaction at the Designer’s discretion. Refunds for any services not rendered will be issued. Star Stream Design reserves the right to retain payment for services rendered up to that point.

Return Policy

Customers can cancel any logo order within 12 hours of purchase as long as production has not begun. If you decide to cancel your order after receiving your first proof, I will refund your order minus a $30 design and processing fee. If you decide to cancel your order after two rounds of proofs, a minimum $60 design and processing fee will be charged. Once the final proof is approved, the job is considered complete and there are no changes, cancellations, or refunds.

If you are unhappy with the quality of your product, please contact Star Stream Design before leaving feedback. We will be happy to work with you to reach a satisfactory resolution.

Social Media

In the event of a mishap or misunderstanding, neither party may defame the other on social media or other public venues. We commit to communicating and coming to a resolution privately.

Customer Satisfaction

I have spent decades in the design field and have worked with customers all over the world. I take great pride in my work and strive for complete customer satisfaction with my distinctive designs, attention to detail, rapid turnaround, and customer service. Since this is a major event in the lives of your family and friends we understand the stress and hope to make this part of your mitzvah planning effortless.

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