Happy Thanks-oween Hannu-Mas

It’s coming towards the end of the year which means holidays follow one right after another, so going to cover all bases with this post. Fall has come to New Jersey bringing with it a little nip in the air. It’s my favorite time of year with the leaves starting to change. Speaking of changes (how’s that for a seque?), we’ve had quite a number of changes going on around here. First and foremost is that we have moved from a tiny townhouse into a single family HOUSE! It’s great to be able to spread out and I finally have room for all my paper goods, samples and supplies. Should have done it a long time ago but we spent two years looking for a house which is a whole other post in itself. Now if someone would come and decorate it for me…. there’s elves for that, right?

In other news, our Printables shop on Etsy is doing well and we’re adding as many instant downloads as we can. It’s been a lot of fun putting it together and a bit of a distraction. Now that we’re settled in the new place, I need to get my head around designing fun, new invitation designs, push some boundaries and kick some creative butt.

Here’s the good stuff

So mid-October is upon us. Much like retail brick-and-mortars, I’m expanding the holiday season to make it as early as possible by offering up TWO free printables for either Christmas or Hanukkah. (We are an equal opportunity holiday cards business here). Choose the Christmas card, the Hanukkah card, or choose BOTH! You probably have friends/family/colleagues who would love to know that you’re thinking about them. Psst…you don’t even have to tell them you got it free!

Just click on either the Christmas card or the Hanukkah card. (Right click to save the image that pops up for both). They are jpgs so the text is not editable. If you need a little extra help we can always design a customized version for you…

I hope you like them. If you do use either card, let me know what you think. If you send me a picture, I’ll even feature it in our blog.